Countdown To Convergence 35
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Convergence has traveled the U.S. for over 3 Decades

Join us Labor Day Weekend 2017
in Las Vegas Nevada as we present you the 35th Annual Convergence.

We have selected Las Vegas for a variety of reasons, one is we are celebrating the ability to actually get married legally! So what better place is there then to take us to the wedding capital of the world?

Las Vegas is also one of the easiest cities to get to from anywhere around the world. So check out all the exciting things we have planned for you for your adventure on your holiday in a 4 star hotel on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip.

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Luxor Hotel and Casino

3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South, 89119, Las Vegas NV (USA)
Convergence 35 Event Dates 8/28/2017 – 9/04/2017
Luxor Hotel & Casino Operator: 702-262-4000
Reservations Contact Center 702-262-4000

Luxor Hotel and Casino Website

The Luxor was chosen because of their reputation towards the LGBTQ community. They are so excited to have us and they have given us an unbelievable room rate for one of the busiest holiday’s in Vegas. Our rate begins at only $39 per night and increases to $149 for Friday and Saturday nights, which is what off strip hotels charge in the middle of summer.

All our guests will get free parking during their stay as long as you are apart of our room block.

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Convergence 35 DJ

Shane Phoenix Harris

He is a Pro Track Critique, Billboard Reporting DJ as well as one of the most recognized LGBT community Dj’s. He has held residencies at some of the most recognized clubs as well as sold out shows in the tens of thousands. He is ranked 12th in the USA and 47th in the world as best DJ.

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